World Water Day

World Water Day has been celebrated since March 22, 1993. It reminds us of the importance of freshwater and raises the awareness of 2.2 billion people who live without access to clean water.


On 20.03.2021 in "Kiril Hristov" Primary School - town In Stara Zagora, an open interactive multidisciplinary lesson was held on the topic "Learning about water with facts and figures" in the 5th "B" class. The lesson was held in an electronic environment and included the subjects - Man and Nature and Mathematics.

The official guests of the session were: Deyana Dimitrova - senior expert in mathematics Kuzman Kuzmanov - senior expert in natural sciences and ecology in the RUO - Stara Zagora, Mrs. Liliana Burganova and Eng. Tsvetelina Kaneva - director of the Basin Directorate - Plovdiv, Ms. Dimka Petkova and Dr. Petya Papazova - director of RIOSV - Stara Zagora, teachers from Stara Zagora region, Mr. Balkchiev - director of OU "Kiril Hristov" - Stara Zagora, Mrs. Mariyana Yotova - deputy. principal at the school.

Students took on the role of data analysts (text and diagrams), characterizing water, calculated how they could save money on the family budget. They determined which are the main water pollutants. They tracked the effect of polluted water on human health, animals and plants. The fifth graders proposed measures to save water resources, protect them and improve their quality. Under the expert guidance of Mrs. Veneta Kirkovska - senior teacher of Biology and Health Education and Mrs. Ekaterina Yovcheva - senior teacher of mathematics, the students demonstrated how with the help of tablets a lesson becomes interactive. The children were participants in the teaching. Their increased activity and emotionality contributed to a more effective perception and quality assimilation of the learning material. During the lesson, they reached important conclusions.

The official guests congratulated the excellent performance of the students and wished them even greater success in acquiring knowledge and skills through information and communication technologies.


Do you drink water? How much? How? From what and why? How to be eco? How to reduce the use of plastic? All these questions were answered by students from class VI "a", Oliwia Pałka, Karina Mamak and Oliwia Kurnyta, who prepared a school campaign under the Erasmus + Do Best With Waste project. DRINK WISE AND RESPONSIBLY.

All students from our school, from preschoolers to eighth graders, were presented with very important information about water, plastic, health and environmental protection. The girls emphasized that drinking water is a sea of advantages, but you should hydrate wisely and responsibly. Students learned that there is scientific evidence that bottled water is not only no better than tap water, but is also more expensive and harmful to the environment and our health.


Lecture "Planet Water" Last Monday, March 21, 2022, several students from the António Correia de Oliveira School had the privilege of attending a lecture, whose main theme was water, given by engineer Sandra Marques, employee of Esposende Ambiente, specialized in area. Initially, she made the students aware of what the water cycle consists of as well as its stages, she also mentioned its relevance to the environment and to the survival of living beings. During the presentation, she also explained the route that this precious asset takes to reach the Water Treatment Station, better known by the acronym ETA. The engineer mentioned how essential the disinfection stage is so that the consumption and use of this resource is properly safe.


"If there is anything magical on the planet, it is contained in water."
March 22 - World Water Day - a day with special significance for the whole world, it was also celebrated by the students of the "Ion Irimescu" Secondary School.
Watching educational films and presentations, conversations, debates, drawings, paintings, practical activities, all were activities carried out by the students, under the careful guidance of the teaching staff, as part of the educational project, "Water-source of life".
Following these actions, the students found out the purpose of celebrating this day, they understood the role and importance of the vital resource - water, and how we can contribute, from small to large, to reduce waste and increase the rational consumption of water, those small gestures , but fundamental and can make a difference.
The activities were carried out in partnership with the charity organization, Rotary Club Falticeni, to whom we thank for the support materials made available.
"APA-what a clear word!"


During the whole week, the host will organize cultural events and activities for team-building, with the aim of strengthening both the cohesion between the teachers and the intercultural dimension of our project.