Waste Piking Day

All the school partners have chosen a day to invite the students to be volunteers in the collection of garbage that is found in the streets and/or beaches; in that way, the students became aware of the need to clean the environment and the amount of garbage that human beings produce and waste, not taking advantage of the different potentialities of its collection and treatment. Finally, all collected garbage was sent to waste treatment stations.

As part of the "Special Planet", the partners carried out an environmentally friendly walk, with the aim of collecting waste along the way, namely plastic. In their areas they found a lot of waste, mainly microplastics. They returned to school with their bags full, a fact that made them very proud of this activity.

World Environment Day has been chosen by the United Nations as a day to raise awareness among people around the world and to take action to protect nature. Since its inception in 1974, the event has grown into a global platform to reach people from all over the world. It is celebrated in over 100 countries.

Above all, World Environment Day is the "people's day" to take care of the Earth. It can be something small, at a local level, or larger at a national or global level, a solo action or one that brings together many people. Everyone can choose.

Each year, World Environment Day is held with a theme that draws attention to a pressing environmental issue.

In 2021, the commemoration of World Environment Day will be themed 'ecosystem restoration' and will focus on restoring our connection with nature. This will also mark the official launch of the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration 2021 - 2030.

Students from "Kiril Hristov" Elementary School - Stara Zagora enthusiastically participated in an action to clean up the "Green wedge" park together with representatives from RIOSV - Stara Zagora. The students shared that this is a day when we can all give something of ourselves to help a beloved place recover and continue to give us freedom and moments of rest.

On April 2021 The students from Primary School "Pavese" - IC 13 Bologna - Italy, took part in an action to clean up the bed of the river Savena which flows near their school. It was part of the activities made for Earth Day Celebration.