Kardeşler Cumhuriyet Secondary School is located in Keçiören which is a metropolitan district of Ankara Province in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey, a crowded district in the northern part of the city of Ankara.Our school was built in 2011 for the commemorating the 100th anniversary of foundation of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Turkey and it was granted to Turkish Ministry Education. Currently there are 1385 enrolled students ranging from 11-14 years old, and there are 70 teachers are working.

Our school has a double shift schooling system as there are only 20 classrooms.

Students study Turkish,English,Science,Maths,Social Sciences, Technology, Art,Phsical Education, Music,ICT,Religion in the school.Our students are successful not only in academic areas but also in sports and social activities.They got many awards in Turkey and in the World such as in kickbox,futsal,table tennis,basketball. As a school aiming to educate our students at international level, we use integrated approach in Language teaching.

We adopt one of 2020 european strategic targets within the life long learning program that is increasing the rate of foreign language learning and learning at least one foreign language in addition to the mother tongue of all citizens of the EU. We are eager to broaden our vision by bringing our aim to European aspect.