Other Events

Turkey presentation of Project


First day of our school (as school coordinator teachers:Seçil Akçay Çardakkaya and Zennure Karaoğlan) we informed our students about the Erasmus+ project named ''Do Best With Waste''which will be performed in 2019-2021.We gave information about our partner schools (as coordinator Portugal),Poland,Romania,Italy and Bulgaria.This project is our first active project so our students have been very excited,we gave information about the mobilities and activities.We also prepared with our students a Project-Corner part in school.

We formed an Eco Club in first week of the school.We tried to choose the students who have been more eager and need to be supported and also from students with special needs.During the project, students will develop their skills, ITC competences, foreign language, team work and social skills. They also improve the knowledge of European national culture and promote the intercultural relationships through the environmental concerns.

An Interview with our Mayor


On Tuesday, 15th of October, 2019 We had an interview with Mr. Turgut ALTINOK , Mayor of Keçiören Municipality within the scope of our Erasmus+ Project.

Mehmet Tuna KARAPINAR and HATİCE SELİN ERDEM 7th Grade students of Keçiören Kardeşler Cumhuriyet Secondary School,asked our Mayor some questions to get information about the recycling activities carried out in Keçiören district within the scope of Erasmus + European Union "Do Best With Waste'' project.



On Thursday,24th of October,2019 two employees of the department of Enviromental Protection Organization '' TEMA'' came to our school''Kardeşler Cumhuriyet Secondary School'' and presented a lecture to raise awareness among our students about water,recycling and zero waste.Zero Waste is a goal defined as waste management philosophy that involves preventing the wastage, using the resources more efficient, reviewing the reasons for waste formation, preventing or minimizing waste formation, and collecting and recovering waste at source separately.

Logo Contest

28-10-2019 to 29-11-2019

Kardeşler Cumhuriyet Secondary school finalized the logo contest today! The students designed their logos about "Do Best With Waste" and the students voted for their favorites then the teachers comittee announced the finalist.

Our 7th grade student Mehmet Tuna KARAPINAR's logo has been voted most.

Planting Trees in our School


On 9 th of march,2020 -In order to increase and develop sensitivity to nature and the environment, we have afforested our school and its environment with our students, especially in order to renew the damaged forests.

Animal Shelter


On 2/03/2020,related with our project,By the leadeship of our technology-desing teacher Mahmut and P.E. teacher Volkan,Our students went to support the Patiliköy animal shelter , which is established for the purpose of protecting street animals.On the way to the village, we took the blankets that are not used anymore and become waste, necessary food for them, and huts made with waste materials.Our students delivered some of the money they collected for the shelter.


10 to 25-10-2020

On 10-25 October 2020,As Kardeşler Cumhuriyet Secondary School,We participated in Codeweek events

Presentation the project to the school Comunity 2021


We made a webinar which includes our project that are being developed during the current academic year 2021/2022

How to segregate plastic, paper and polystyrene


On Monday,17 th of February, A Lecture was given to our 5th and 6th grade students about suggestions on how to reduce-reuse and recycle of plastic, paper, styrofoam,waste glass,vegetable waste oil, electric and electronic waste and waste battery by the members of Keçiören Municipality

eSafety Webinar


On 11/02/2022 As Do Best Wıth Waste family,My students and their parents joined eSafety Webinar.Thanks for this informative webinar.Participants were from all over Turkey and there was a big participation.Also we got our certifications.


As Kardeşler Cumhuriyet Secondary School,We dessiminated our project in BİLİM ŞENLİĞİ

Etwinning Event


Turkey School dessiminated our project wıth an on online e magazıne with the cooperation of KEÇİÖREN DISTRICT eTwinning department


During the project we made several project webinars wıth students and teachers