Segregate Waste

Within the scope of the European Week for the Prevention of Waste, which took place between 21 and 29 November 2020, all the partners schools joined to this initiative that occurred in EB António Correia de Oliveira.

All partners attended an online lecture via etwinning, promoting the theme guided by the Environmental Center of Esposende. The central theme of this initiative is "Invisible Waste", with the objective of alerting to the great amount of waste generated in our daily lives. In the sessions addressed to students, the theme of waste separation was addressed.

Information was given on the separation of waste in the Esposende and the various initiatives that the City Council will continue to implement practice for the Portuguese municipality of the partner school to separate and recycle more and more paper, cardboard, packaging plastic and metal, glass, batteries, cooking oils, electrical equipment, appliances and clothing.

The various initiatives for organic and other undifferentiated waste were also addressed.

Students learned that the waste sent to the local Resulima landfill, only 10% is waste that is separated by people for recycling and that this is a problem that concerns everyone.

With this initiative, we will continue to warn about the problem of climate change and help in making decisions about how we consume and be aware of the raise awareness about our ecological footprint.


Separate waste collection is a simple but very responsible activity. In Stara Zagora, there are already enough blue, yellow and green containers in which people can dispose of paper, metal, plastic waste and glass. So instead of going to landfill, they can be recycled. In this way, the natural resources from which they are produced can be conserved.

The students of "Kiril Hristov" Primary School united around this opinion. With them, experts from RIOSV-Stara Zagora held open lessons on the topic: "Effective use of natural resources for a better environment" on April 25.

Colored waste collection containers are located in accessible places and can be collected separately. However, people still seem not to be used to them and do not make enough effort to dispose of paper in the blue, glass in the green, and plastic and metal in the yellow container, the students said.


At the Istituto Comprensivo 13 of Bologna, separate waste collection has been active for several years. Every year the students ao different grades tale part in various projects where they learn how important it is to separate waste in the right way.
In each class there is a yellow container for plastic, a blue one for paper and a container for general waste.
In the school there are also containers to collect used cartridges and toners, containers for batteries, and a container for plastic caps. The students consider this activity important and do their best to separate waste properly.


On Thursday, February 13, 2020, students from grades 5 to 8 of primary school listened to lectures on the comprehensive reduction of various types of waste, such as: plastics, metal, paper, school, as well as biodegradable and mixed waste, practiced in the Limanowa Commune.

Residents get 5 bags, which are in different colors: yellow, green, blue and brown. Each bag is described with a code and purchased by residents and earlier by the municipality of Limanowa. Residents have the opportunity to throw the appropriate garbage into the appropriate bag, which is then collected by the company that won the garbage collection from the municipality in the form of a tender.


On International Recycling Day, May 17, 2022, during the morning break, the students of the António Correia de Oliveira Basic School held a Flash Mob for their colleagues to also join, within the scope of the Erasmus program, Eco-Schools and the "Project" Special Planet". This day marks the International Recycling Day, a date created by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), to reflect on environmental problems and consumerism. Thus, the idea of ​​this Flash Mob came about, where, to the sound of the Eco-School Anthem, several students, infiltrated in the playground, led the others to imitate them in the collection and separation of garbage, which had been purposely scattered throughout the space, placing it in the respective blue and yellow ecopoints. Students joined and the objective of alerting the entire school community to the importance of recycling was achieved. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... small attitudes, in everyday life... big steps for the environment!


How to make quality compost for my grandfather's garden
The 6th grade students participated in a session on how to make quality compost. They saw the stages to create a nutritious compost, they saw the elements that make up the compost, they saw the period in which it reaches its maximum quality, and they had as their task to make a small compost pit at their grandparents' house.


On Monday,17 th of February 2022, A Lecture was given to our 5th and 6th grade students about suggestions on how to reduce-reuse and recycle of plastic, paper, styrofoam,waste glass,vegetable waste oil, electric and electronic waste and waste battery by the members of Keçiören Municipality.