Fălticeni is the hometown of the Lovinescu family, which gave Romania four of its most distinguished men of letters of the 20th century: literary critic Eugen Lovinescu, playwright Horia Lovinescu, esoterist Vasile Lovinescu and novelist Anton Holban. The Lovinescu family contributed to founding a memorial museum in Fălticeni, House of Notable People (Galeria Oamenilor de Seamă). The museum was opened in 1972 and represents a synthesis of the city's cultural and intellectual life.

The Secondary School "Ion Irimescu" took shape in 1873. The preis Ion Savel opened the gates of the school, this being considered a boy's school under the name "Prince Carol".
In 1998 the school took the name of the artist Ion Irimescu.
Today in the school are studying over 700 students inside 27 different classes. Five classes from the primary school are a different type of learning named Step by step.