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November 2022 - 14 December 2022


"Where do organic products come from?"


9th December 2022

An ecological spectacle An ecological event as part of the Małopolska
project Eco - Małopolska for the climate "Implementation of the  Regional Action Plan for Climate and Energy for the Małopolskie Voivodeship"


October 2022

Ecological education #We repeat

Students attending the school common room prepared a film and a slide show as part of the ecological competition #We repeat.

November 2021

COLORED PENCILS - great crayon recycling

The pro-ecological action "Colourful crayons" supports recycling and teaches children to limit their consumption lifestyle.


14 February 2022


With the help of waste materials, and more specifically cardboard boxes, we made a museum together, in which the exhibits were only preschoolers. Everyone bravely posed, which was favored by the nice atmosphere of Valentine's Day celebrated that day.

Oddział przedszkolny - 2021/2022 | Szkoła Podstawowa Nr 1 im. Bohaterów Westerplatte w Starej Wsi (edupage.org)

22 April 2021

Earth Day

During the celebration of Earth Day, preschoolers wondered what good we can do for our planet. On that day, children learned about the rules that must be followed to protect the environment, learned how to properly segregate garbage, did art work and learned the difficult word recycling. All these activities were aimed at emphasizing the importance of our commitment to protecting our planet and awakening in children the need to care for nature.

Oddział przedszkolny - 2021/2022 | Szkoła Podstawowa Nr 1 im. Bohaterów Westerplatte w Starej Wsi (edupage.org)  

November 2022

Implementation of the educational program "Where do organic products come from?"

children from older groups implemented content related to health, in particular healthy eating and organic food as part of the educational program


November 2020

Participation of classes in the collection of waste paper

We would like to thank all children and parents for their great commitment in the collection of waste paper at our school. In total, 1,433.3 kg of waste paper was collected in the classrooms


October 2020

We save water

By joining the implementation of the Erasmus + program in classes I-II, classes were carried out to broaden students' knowledge about water - its meaning of pollution and purification.


January 2021

Something from nothing!

The students of class I willingly undertook to design their own "treasures" box. To make it, they used a variety of materials, and especially unnecessary ones. They used boxes, e.g. after shoes, after tea.


December 2021

Spoon dolls

Students inspired by the theatrical theme made puppets. They needed a wooden spoon and various recycled materials to make them. Thanks to their creativity, beautiful theater puppets were created.


Contest "Caring for our natural environment".


The collection of waste paper lasted for the last two weeks of November. All classes from I to VIII participated in this project with great commitment.


December 2022

Christmas decoration contest

On Wednesday, December 21, the contest announced by the Small Self-Government for classes I-III for an original Christmas tree decoration made by students was settled. Dozens of beautiful ornaments, made with various techniques and using various materials, were submitted to the competition. All the works submitted for the competition decorated the Christmas tree, which was placed in the hall of the school


3 June 2021

With ecology for your brother

On June 3, students of classes Ia and II participated in a reading meeting "Polish authors for the climate" organized by employees of the Municipal Public Library in Stara Wieś as part of the 21st National Week of Reading to Children.


October 2021

Colorful caterpillars

Students of class I gave a second life to an egg carton. It was enough to use the imagination and it turned out that there is great potential in ordinary waste. Everyone conjured up beautiful, colorful and original caterpillars from extrusions.


9 December 2022

An ecological show

On December 9, 2022, almost all students of our school from classes I-VIII participated in an ecological event as part of the Małopolska project Eco - Małopolska for Climate "Implementation of the Regional Action Plan for Climate and Energy for the Małopolska Region". The meeting was organized in the Complex of General and Technical Schools in Limanowa.


10 October 2020

Nature Conservation Competition

On October 10, in the Poviat Starosty in Limanowa, the "Poviat Contest of Knowledge on Nature Conservation" was held. The competition was carried out as part of the "Programme of ecological education of the society in the Limanowa Poviat 2019" co-financed by the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Krakow.