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Poland Presentation of Project

1 st Place in the County Art Competition


"Where do organic products come from?"


An Ecological Spectacle

An ecological event as part of the Małopolska project Eco - Małopolska for the climate "Implementation of the Regional Action Plan for Climate and Energy for the Małopolskie Voivodeship"

Ecological Education #We Repeat

Students attending the school common room prepared a film and a slide show as part of the ecological competition #We repeat.

Colored Pencils - Great Crayon Recycling

The pro-ecological action "Colourful crayons" supports recycling and teaches children to limit their consumption lifestyle. LINK

Implementation of the Educationalprogram
"Where do Organic Products Come From?"

Children from older groups implemented content related to health, in particular healthy eating and organic  food as part of the educational program. LINK

Something from Nothing!

The students of class I willingly undertook to design their own "treasures" box. To make it, they used a variety of materials, and especially unnecessary ones. They used boxes, e.g. after shoes, after tea. LINK

Spoon Dolls

Students inspired by the theatrical theme made puppets. They needed a wooden spoon and various recycled  materials to make them. Thanks to their creativity, beautiful theater puppets were created. LINK

Contest "Caring for Our Natural Environment".

The Collection of Waste Paper

In lasted for the last two weeks of November. All classes from I to VIII participated in this project with great commitment. LINK