Planting Tree

Due to global warming, partly caused by fires in different countries and the consequent loss of trees (beings that contribute to the thermal balance and purification of the air), the schools promoted activities for replanting trees autochthonous to each region. In this way, the spread of invasive trees that contribute to soil erosion and the proliferation of fires was also combated, since they constitute quite inflammable material.


Students planted two new thuja trees in the yard of "Kiril Hristov" Primary School. The plants are a donation from the students' parents on the occasion of the patron saint's holiday and in connection with the activities of the project "Let's do the best with the waste".

The wonderful ecological initiative of the little nature lovers was honored with their presence by the director of the school Mr. Balkchiev and the deputy directors Penka Mandjukova, Mariyana Yotova and Katya Georgieva. The two new trees further enriched the species biodiversity in the green spaces of the school.


In November 2019 the teachers of the IC 13 primary school "Pavese" organized a tree festival day. Some trees have been planted in the school garden. As a sign of celebration, the children wore paper crowns decorated with images of plants and flowers.


Students usually plant trees in the spring. In this way, they help foresters but also beautify the area around the school. This is most often done in extracurricular activities after school. In this way, they learn to respect greenery and take care of it.


On February 5th 2022, the initiative "Replanting 300 indigenous trees" took place, promoted by the Association of Parents and Guardians of EB António Correia de Oliveira in partnership with Parque Litoral Norte and other entities. This activity exceeded expectations, as it was possible to plant about 400 species. The volunteers showed up at the agreed time, equipped with the necessary material and the desire to restore the flora that burned in 2018, having planted maritime pine, laurel, oak, strawberry tree and other indigenous trees, with stakes to mark them and, in this way, protect.


The students of the "Ion Irimescu" High School Falticeni had an action to plant trees through which they realized the benefits that the trees have on their lives. The activity was attended by several students who dug pits and put trees in them.


On 9 th of march,2020 -In order to increase and develop sensitivity to nature and the environment, we have afforested our school and its environment with our students, especially in order to renew the damaged forests.