Kiril Hristov Primary School, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Primary School "Kiril Hristov"was founded in 1896 and bears the name of the famous Bulgarian poet Kiril Hristov who was born in Stara Zagora. Today it is an innovative school, one of the most popular schools in the region, a model for modern successful education. Every year the students have many awards and impressive performances in different competitions of local and national importance.

Our school has 903 children in 33 classes on age of 7 to 14 years; 63 teachers and 17 persons non-pedagogical staff. There are specialized classrooms for History, Bulgarian language and literature, Mathematics, English, Geography, Biology and Chemistry, Art, Music and two computer cabinets. All the classrooms are fully digitalized. The emblematic places are also the Art zone with unique murals of the greatest Bulgarian kings, the Museum of Kiril Hristov, the modern Conference Hall, the new Nature Hall.

Our school has a specially developed strategy for environmental education. In the quiet back of the schoolyard is built the Green Classroom among exotic flowers, shrubs and trees. The dedicated open-air learning area enables teachers to unite many different themes and present them to students in an interesting, easy-to-use and attractive way. The Green Classroom ensures the children's personal connection with nature. It develops their attitude towards environmental protection, creates prerequisites for healthy lifestyle, educates in responsibility and research spirit.

Our school participated in an Erasmus+ project for the first time. Our participation in this project will be beneficial to the students' environmental education. We believe the cooperation with different project countries will help us to get to know their ideas in ecology, to exchange good practices and gain experience, to popularize Bulgarian culture to Europe and get to know other cultures, to improve students' foreign language skills.