Lecture about Recycling

All partners felt the need to clarify the students about what recycling consists of. For this, the professors organized lectures given by specialists in the field. There were interactive, dynamic lectures, in which students' doubts were privileged and alternative solutions to reusable or recyclable waste were proposed.


On 28 of October 2019, a group of students from the Nature Ambassadors eco club and participants in the European project "Do Best with Waste" under the Erasmus program, visited RIEW - Stara Zagora. There, young environmentalists, in their role as reporters, asked questions about waste and environmental protection. Students are excited by the theme that our waste is constantly being flooded and not just one day a year is enough to clean it.

Denitsa Dineva - Senior Expert in the Waste Management and Soil Conservation Department, as well as Chief Justice Consultant Mrs. Ivilina Staneva, were competent to answer the topical and children's issues.

In addition to the interview, the children have traditionally received gifts from their friends from RIEW - Stara Zagora.

October 31, International Black Sea Day, was marked by a geography lesson held by seventh-grade students in the Green Classroom. They prepared information on biodiversity, on the Black Sea countries, on the economic benefits they have from the sea, on their partnership and cooperation. More alarming were the data that alarms on water pollution and impaired biological balance, and the alarming data leading to an environmental disaster. The billboards, models, drawings and posters designed to awaken our ecological consciousness, because the generation of these students are future sailors, ecologists, biologists, underwater archaeologists and many more. They are the ones who, if they keep, clean and use resources wisely, will have the Black Sea for themselves and future generations. The event was attended by Denitsa Dineva - Senior Expert in the Waste Management and Soil Conservation Department at RIEW - Stara Zagora, the school management, teachers and students.

In March and April 2022 students from grade 5 of primary school, and grades 1 and 2 of middle school, took part in a 10 hour project which covered on the following topics: Waste and Circular economy; Plastic and its life cycle; Climate change; Having a sustainable lifestyle; Taking small actions to avoid waste.
Students listened to lectures and took part in activities both inside the school and in the school garden. The meetings were held by the science teacher Margherita Zanna and by a group of experts from the association "Cantieri Comuni".


On Thursday, October 3rd, 2019, students from grades IV-VIII of Primary School No. 1 in Stara Wieś listened to a lecture on environmental protection, waste segregation, recycling and surface water purity. The lecture for students was conducted by Mr. Piotr Ociepka, an employee of the Department of Environmental Protection, Agriculture, Forestry of the Poviat Eldership in Limanowa. The lecture was taken care by Magdalena Cepielik, who is in a team of teachers working at Erasmus+ Do Best With Waste


On 23th of October 2019, it was a Lecture on "From Local to Global Sustainability - the importance of the roots and the culture of each people", with Calixto Suarez, messenger from Sierra Nevada, Colombia. This activity promoted by DUNA - Eco-Consciousness Association, aimed to sensitize students to the debate with the presence of an expert in the areas of Peace, Social Welfare and the Preservation of Cultures.

On the 3th of March 2022, as part of the Erasmus "Do Best With Waste" and the Citizenship and Development course, 5th grade students from the António Correia de Oliveira School attended a lecture on the Valorisation and Treatment of Solid Waste , given by Engineer Joana Cunha, employee of the RESULIMA Multimunicipal System. This entity carries out the selective collection of waste that people place in recycling bins and oil stations in the municipalities of Arcos de Valdevez, Barcelos, Esposende, Ponte da Barca, Ponte de Lima and Viana do Castelo, an area of ​​about 1778 Km2, with about 310 thousand inhabitants. The lecture aimed to encourage the preservation of the environment and promote environmental education, motivating a change in habits for a sustainable Planet.

The "Ion Irimescu" school became an "Eco" school, since 2007, and we are striving to improve our relationship with the environment every day and decrease our ecological footprint. The school has a partnership with the City Hall in several aspects. At the beginning of the school year 2019/2020, the Environment Department always carries out activities in classes to raise awareness among younger students about the importance of separating waste and recycling.


On Thursday,24th of October,2019 two employees of the department of Enviromental Protection Organization '' TEMA'' came to our school''Kardeşler Cumhuriyet Secondary School'' and presented a lecture to raise awareness among our students about water,recycling and zero waste.Zero Waste is a goal defined as waste management philosophy that involves preventing the wastage, using the resources more efficient, reviewing the reasons for waste formation, preventing or minimizing waste formation, and collecting and recovering waste at source separately.