Istituto Comprensivo 13 named Polo Solastico Buon Pastore is located in the urban area of ​​the municipality of Bologna, at the outer limit of the south-east hilly area. The area, subject to the constraint of landscape protection, is surrounded by an extensive green component in which there are several trees of considerable importance.
The intervention concerning the completion of an overall project called "Buon Pastore" integrated educational center was conceived in two functionally autonomous lots, the object of two separate contracts.

The first functional lot, already built and open to users since 2009, has led to the demolition of the old gymnasium for the construction of a new school building comprising a nursery school, gym, auditorium and library, plus the covered connection with the existing building upstream.

The 2nd functional lot, object of the present intervention, concerning the existing building complex, has been destined to the seat of middle school and elementary school has included several categories of interventions:

We are composed by 2 Nursery, 3 Primary and one Low Secondary schools, so our children are aged from 3 to 14.

Our Institute is part of the italian network "Education outdoors. For a school open air, sustainable, experimental" and promote the complete development of the person.