Environmental Day Festival


The teachers of the Pavese Primary School (I.C.13 of Bologna) have been practicing outdoor education for a long time. They experiment with their kids outdoor activities on a daily basis. In the year 2020/21 the students were involved in a prokect called "Natural blitz": four days were established to observe nature in different moments fof the year. In these days students and teachers observed, collected and used natural materials, creating different objects. It was a great way to be in touch with nature from an emotional point of view.
On 4th April 2021 the school organized activities connected to the celebration of Earth Day. Kids took a long walk along the river near the school, observing tree and plants. They then wrote and illustrated cards expressing climate concerns and ideas to protect the environment. At the end of the day the kids hanged the cards on the trees around the school.


International Environment Day aims to remind people to use natural resources more responsibly.

On June 5, "Kiril Hristov" Elementary School celebrated the International Day for Environmental Protection. The students of 5th "A" class together with Mrs. Veneta Kirkovska and Mrs. Ekaterina Yovcheva turned this day into a holiday. At first, the students gave wise advice on how to protect the environment. On the advice of the student Andon Dechev - "Plant a tree." You will do something extremely important and useful for the world". The students planted a linden tree in the school's green classroom, provided with the courtesy of State Forestry - Stara Zagora.

The students wrote messages in the hope that all people around the world will realize how important it is to protect the environment. The messages flew into the sky after being tied to helium balloons.

The celebration ended with a fashion contest on the theme: "Responsible to nature". The students presented their costumes from waste materials that they had prepared in advance. They also had to answer questions prepared by the representatives of RОISV.


On April 22, 2022, an Earth Day academy was held in our school. One of the main
attractions of this meeting was a recycling fashion show, in which representatives of
classes I-VIII presented their work. The level of involvement of the students and the
performance of the costumes was very high, which is why all participants of the show were
awarded. Symbolic gifts were funded by the Cooperative Bank in Limanowa as part of the
Student uniforms can be viewed by clicking on the link


April 29th 2022 was the day chosen to show the Educational Community what is best done at our school.

In this sense, and with the main objective of accommodating and preparing the change of cycle so often pointed out as a difficulty for our children and young people, students and teachers from different areas, in collaborative work, organized a significant set of activities, with a clear commitment in a corporate image of the grouping. A full day was experienced, imbued with joy, commitment and long-awaited inclusion, after a pandemic period that limited us so much. On behalf of all those who collaborated, participated in the organization and achievement of this event, we thank the Educational Community and the Institutions for all the help and donations they gave us. This day did justice to the saying "Union is strength".