Ecological Bottles Campaign

To celebrate de world water day, every school , during different classes, has discussed different subjects regarding water waste, water quality, recycling bottles, among others activities. The main goal was to invite pupils to drink clean water given by the municipalities and to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles, using those offered by some municipalities.

World Water Day has been celebrated since March 22, 1993. It reminds us of the importance of freshwater and raises the awareness of 2.2 billion people who live without access to clean water.


Things that we normally purposefully throw away have been turned into a valuable resource, allowing us to appreciate the potential of leftovers and inspire creativity to reuse items.

We, the students of "Kiril Hristov" Primary School, Stara Zagora, made these panels from waste materials. Provoking the children's creative thinking, we made decorations for Easter, creating a dose of spring mood.

Reusing materials to create something new helps children look at the world around them in a new way. They learn to look for beauty even where, at first glance, it is not there.


The Virtuosi campaign of the Municipality of Bologna is enriched by another important action. The distribution of water bottles has begun, intended for every member of kindergarten and primary schools, to raise awareness of the use of mains water and the reduction of plastic. The distribution will be progressive and will affect all schools in the city, to be completed in February 2021. We invite you to carefully read the recommendations we have prepared, to ensure its use in maximum safety. Here is the link It will be accompanied by food education and sustainability activities in a virtuous path that aims to support small daily habits that are good for us and for the planet. Here is the link to the Water Decalogue which could become an interesting starting point for  reflection in the classroom. HERE is the poster to be displayed at school.



Do you drink water? How much? How? From what and why? How to be eco? How to reduce the use of plastic? All these questions were answered by students from class VI "a", Oliwia Pałka, Karina Mamak and Oliwia Kurnyta, who prepared a school campaign under the Erasmus + Do Best With Waste project. DRINK WISE AND RESPONSIBLY.


The World Water Day was celebrated. In addition to the exhibition of works from the 6th grade, within the scope of  " Water - Source of Life" , the students of the classes carried out a classroom-to-room awareness campaign, offering one student from each class a bookmark with a message alluding to the date. 5th grade students were also entitled to a reusable bottle offered by the Municipality of Esposende. The Councilor for Education and the Environment, Dr. Alexandra Roeger, Dr. Paulo Marques, President of Esposende Ambiente, and the person in charge of Municipal Water Services, Dr. Zélia Fernandes, held an awareness session with the 5th grade students, and within the scope of the Project "Fill your canteen here".


Every year, on International Water Day, the students of our school, Ion Irimescu Fălticeni, participate in activities to raise awareness of the need to preserve clean, unpolluted and quality water. We constantly try to use the plastic bottles used in making different gadgets. Our goal is to clean the environment of the highly toxic plastic that is everywhere.


We purchased water filters for our school and put them in our first and second floor corridors so our students and other members of school can reach clean,purified and quality water. Also the water treatments device was installed in the taps in teachers' room and the need for clean water was met. We prepared Ecological Bottles Campaign: "hydrate yourself by drinking water responsibly''. and related with this topic our students watched some presentation about the importance of water and it's effects on our body. At the end of the presentation,we ask them to bring their water to the school with ecological bottles rather than disposable plastic water bottles and want them drink more water to be more healthier.